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Daniel Horowitz : 365 Exhibit at The Invisible Dog

Working primarily as a digital artist over the last decade, Daniel considered what might happen if he were to pull out a blank page and begin to draw, not on commission and with no particular purpose in mind. The self-imposed minimum, one drawing a day, was to serve as an exercise to pull himself away from the computer and to begin to explore analog creativity. Within the spontaneity of this process, something interesting and new began to emerge. The final vocabulary of this long-term project has resulted in a curious bestiary cut from old accounting books and ephemera, brought to life with ink and paint, scissors and collage, resulting in an original and thoroughly whimsical world. We are pleased to announce that all 365 daily artworks are now on display at The Invisible Dog, Daniel Horowitz’s most comprehensive solo show to date. We are also very excited to introduce an upcoming exclusive collection of prints, selected from the “365” series, for Stampa, available April 9th.

View Daniel’s full portfolio here.


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