Anouck by Alexandra Compain-Tissier

Alexandra recently illustrated a book called Anouck, written by Alice Rivieres, which is a portrait of a 70-year old woman suffering from Huntington’s Disease.  The book is not about the disease itself, but about the achievement of an intense learning process, which was a veritable revelation for its authors: to learn to paint and write the imperceptible, the fragile and the invaluable through the experience of a woman who lives in everyday harmony with her illness.

22 of Alexandra’s watercolor paintings from the book will be on display at Galerie Artligue, 9 rue des Arquebusiers – 75003 Paris.  The exhibition opens Thursday October 10 at 7pm and will be on display through October 14 from 2-7pm each day.

See Alexandra’s full portfolio here.


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