The Day After: An Ode to Hillary

Sara Singh received a same-day commission from Women’s Wear Daily to create a historic portrait of the 2016 presidential winner, and spent yesterday evening at her workbench, tuned in to the precipitating election results.  As she simultaneously created the two illustrations–only one of which would be run in WWD’s Wednesday morning Digital Daily newsletter–Sara was encouraged to focus on the portrait of the longtime frontrunner, Hillary Clinton.  But as the numbers came in, and the night began its unthinkable turn, Sara found herself at the mercy of a bitter irony: slowly but surely, it became clear that the completion of the likeness of Hillary–the media, editor, and illustrator favorite–had to take backseat to the dark horse victor, Donald Trump.

WWD ran Sara’s portrait of America’s president-elect this morning, but we wanted to share her Hillary with you, our friends, here on our blog.  As Sara said, maybe this is the one time that illustration DOESN’T save the day–but we pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of our former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State.  We are, indeed, stronger together.You can view Sara’s illustration for WWD here.
View Sara’s portolfio here.


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